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C.J. McElroy
Founder of Safari Club International

July 9, 1913 - March 1, 2002

CJ McElroy was a truly remarkable individual. His formal education ended when he was eleven years old. Yet he earned money as a trapper, a hobo, dance hall bouncer, dam construction worker, a stint in the Merchant Marines and in the end became an eminently successful businessman (founding the largest floor covering sales company in Southern California). Yet his main lifelong passion was big game hunting. After going on his first safari in 1959, “Mac” founded the Southern California Safari Club (1966) and Safari Club International (1972).

In a 50-year lifetime of hunting, Mac hunted on six continents, took hundreds and hundreds of top ranking record book trophies, and made friends with hunters (professional and sport hunters) from all walks of life.

Trophy Room Books is pleased to have published all three of C J McElroy’s blockbuster limited edition books. These campfire tales of big game hunting (on six continents) make for extremely entertaining reading for veteran hunters, novice hunters, and book collectors.

Special Offer

Buy all three limited edition books (McElroy Hunts Dangerous Game, McElroy Hunts Mountain Game, and McElroy Hunts the Antelopes of Africa and Antlered Game) and you will get a matched numbered set AND US postage will be FREE while foreign postage will be at half our stated rate-only $36.00.

McElroy Matched Numbered Trilogy
by C.J.McElroy
Limited Edition: 1000. Signed and numbered.
Set includes:
McElroy Hunts Dangerous Game
McElroy Hunts Mountain Game
McElroy Hunts the Antelopes of Africa and Antlered Game
Price (USD): $375.00




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