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List of Wilbur Smith Titles Available for Sale

All of the following Wilbur Smith titles are first editions

POSTAGE: US: $13.00 first book, $8.00 each subsequent book. Foreign $33.00 first book, $20.00 each subsequent book. Special postage noted for large format/heavy books. California residents add 9.75% sales tax. VISA/MASTERCARD/ AMERICAN EXPRESS accepted. On credit card orders include entire account number, daytime telephone, fax number, expiration date and note whether billing address differs from shipping address. U.S. FUNDS ONLY: No exceptions.

The following Wilbur Smith titles are currently available for sale. If you need a title not listed please contact us as we maintain a very good “want”list. For more detailed description of contents of each book and the series into which they fall see About Wilbur Smith in the reading section of our website.

First British Editions

B14. A FALCON FLIES 1980 London. Heinemann. First edition. 524 pp. Author’s 14th book. Dr. Robyn Ballantyne, daughter of a famous missionary and explorer, returns on a joint expedition with her brother Zouga, to southern Africa the land of her birth, fired with the desire to bring the Africans medicine, Christianity and an end to the slave trade, still flourishing in 1860.Vg copy in vg- jacket with slight edge wear and page toning. $195.00

B11. A SPARROW FALLS 1977 London. Heinemann. First edition. 539 pp. Author’s 11th book. Sean Courtney, who made and lost millions on the goldfields and fought his way through the bloody war battlefields, now returns to make his mark as a soldier, statesman and power in the land. Vg copy in vg- jacket with slight edge wear. $250.00

B26. BIRDS OF PREY 1997 London. Macmillan. First edition. 554 pp. Author’s 26th book. Sir Francis Courteney and his son are on patrol in Southern Africa in 1667 lying in wait for a Dutch East India galleon. Near fine copy in nf jacket. $100.00

B29. BLUE HORIZON 2003 London. Macmillan. First Edition. 620 pp. Author's 29th book. A new generation of Courtney's stake their claim in southern Africa. Fine in fine jacket. $80.00

B10. CRY WOLF 1976 London. Heinemann. First edition. 389 pp. Author’s 10th book. Mountains and deserts of pre WWII Ethiopia when the Wolf of Rome and the Armies of Italy threaten to annihilate the Ethiopian people. Vg+ copy in vg jacket. $295.00
a. another copy. Vg in vg- jacket. Inscribed by author. $255.00

B8. EAGLE IN THE SKY 1974 London. Heinemann. First edition. 307 pp. Author’s 8th book. Gifted heir apparent to a South African fortunate and his new girlfriend, an Israeli writer, are drawn into a new venture of excitement and exhilaration as a war draws them together and apart. Near fine in vg+ dj. Former owner’s name on front free end sheet. $ 350.00

B22. GOLDEN FOX 1990 London. Macmillan. First edition. 466 pp. Author’s 22nd book. Another Courtney novel that sweeps the reader through the heart of London society, the grandeur of Europe and, as always, the searing heat of a divided Africa. Vg+ copy in vg+ jacket. $95.00

B12. HUNGRY AS THE SEA 1978 London. Heinemann. First edition. 378 pp. Author’s 12th book. Blazing action in this novel of the sea. From Antarctica, to South Africa, to London: subtle conflict and colorful action. Near fine copy in vg jacket. Signed by author. $275.00
a. another copy. Vg+ copy in vg+ jacket. $245.00

B15. MEN OF MEN 1981 London. Heinemann. First edition. 506 pp + publisher’s ads and reviews in rear for other Smith books. Author’s 15th book. During the reign of Queen Victoria Englishmen answering the call of empire voyaged out to take possession of half the known world. Near fine in vg jacket. $215.00

B24. RIVER GOD 1993 London. Macmillan. First edition. 530 pp. Author’s 24th book. A glorious civilization, an epic journey and aheroic battle in Ancient Egypt as two lovers share a dream of restoring majesty to the banks of the Nile River. Near fine copy in near fine jacket. $120.00
a. another copy. Vg copy in near fine jacket. Signed by author on book plate. Non-author inscription. $110.00

B4. SHOUT AT THE DEVIL 1968 London. Heinemann. First edition. 311 pp. Author’s fourth book. 1912 East Africa: Flynn, elephant hunter and hounder of Germans, likes to enjoy the spoils of his sport too much. Near fine in near fine jacket. $1400.00

B16. THE ANGELS WEEP 1982 London. Heinemann. First edition. 506 pp. Author’s 16th book. Dreams of empire, desire for land and wealth and power drive Ralph Ballantyne through a world of action, adventure and romance. Vg copy in vg- jacket. Signed by author. $180.00
a. another copy. Vg+ in vg jacket. $170.00
b. another copy. nf in vg+ jacket. $180.00

B2. THE DARK OF THE SUN 1965 London. Heinemann. First edition. 284 pp. Author’s 2nd book. A well-knit, fast moving adventure story with swift action by men trying to survive in a jungle outpost while trying to relieve a mining town in the heart of the African jungle. Vg+ copy in vg jacket. $1,300.00
a. another copy. Vg+ in vg- jacket. $1,100.00

B6. THE DIAMOND HUNTERS 1971 London. Heinemann. 231 pp. Author’s 6th book. Between Cape Town and London in the world of diamonds, action and suspense in a test of will power and personal ambitions. Near fine copy in nf jacket. $750.00
a. another copy. 1975 reprint. Vg- in vg+ jacket. Some page toning. $100.00

B9. THE EYE OF THE TIGER 1975 London. Heinemann. First edition. 313 pp. Author’s 9th book. The irrepressible adventurers and rogue now taking clients fishing off the Mozambique Channel is confronted with men from the world of his violent past. To fail to escape them is to die. Near fine copy in vg+ jacket. $330.00

B17. THE LEOPARD HUNTS IN DARKNESS 1984 London. Heinemann. First edition. 366 pp. Author’s 17th book. Lonely in New York City, Craig Mellow returns to his homeland, Zimbabwe, to carry out a secret mission: to investigate ivory poaching and a suspected Russian plot to overthrow the government. He gets the leopard code: kill on sight! Vg+ copy in vg+ jacket. $165.00

Wilbur Smith -- The Quest.
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B31. THE QUEST 2007 London. Macmillan. First edition. Author’s 31st book. The eagerly awaited sequel to the thrilling Egyptian series. Following on from the River God, The Seventh Scroll and Warlock, The Quest continues the story of the Warlock, Tatia, wise in the lore of the ancient gods and a master of magic and the supernatural. Fine copy in fine jacket. Signed by the author. $80.00

B25. THE SEVENTH SCROLL 1995 London. Macmillan. First edition. 486 pp. Author’s 25th book. Epic adventure of discovery in Egypt set in present day Africa but linked to the River God era described in his earlier book. Fine, near fine jacket. $120.00

B3. THE SOUND OF THUNDER 1966 London. Heinemann. First edition. 438 pp. Author’s 3rd book. A violent saga set against the Boer War in South Africa and told with vigor and enthusiasm. In the peace that followed the war Sean Courtney confronts his family and his own demons as he explored the world of pioneers who founded a nation. Near fine in vg+ jacket. $1,300.00

B7. THE SUNBIRD 1972 London. Heinemann. First edition. 483 pp. Author’s 7th book. A lost culture is uncovered in Botswanaland and the ancient world yields up images of dramatic scenes that led to the undoing of a culture thousands of years before. Vg+ in vg jacket. $500.00

B13. WILD JUSTICE 1979 London. Heinemann. First edition. 370 pp. Author’s 13th book. Ruthless men and beautiful women locked in a struggle for power. The sweeping novel of treachery and courage sweeps across continents and oceans. Vg+ copy in vg+ jacket. $260.00

First American Editions

A26. BIRDS OF PREY 1997 NY. St. Martin’s Press. First American edition. 554 pp. Author’s 26th book. Tale of high seas and adventure set in 1667 when Sir Francis Courteney and his son are fighting on the high seas. Near fine copy in near fine jacket. $ 35.00

A27. MONSOON 1999 NY. St. Martin’s Press. First American edition. 613 pp. Author’s 27th book. Continues the story from Birds of Prey, set in the dawn of 18th Century England, East Africa and Arabia. The lives and loves of the three sons of Hal Courtney. Near fine copy in near fine jacket. $ 35.00

A20. RAGE 1987 Boston. Little Brown. First American edition. 627 pp. Author’s 20th bookFine copy in fine jacket. $55.00