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List of Henry Morton Stanley
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Sir Henry Morton Stanley.Henry M. Stanley—Breaker of Rocks

Henry Stanley was only 5 feet, five inches tall and 28 years old when he was ordered to Africa to search for Dr. David Livingstone. In 1841 he was born as the first of four illegitimate children of Elizabeth Parry in Wales, and abandoned by his mother at a young age. After the death of his grandfather, he was placed in a workhouse where, after several years of torture, he struck back at his master. Believing that he had killed the master with a blow to the head, the youngster fled the stone walls and boarded a ship bound for the United States.

After a voyage with a ship captain as cruel as his former work master, the young vagrant jumped ship at New Orleans and began wandering the streets, seeking employment. He entered one shop and approached a gentle looking man who seemed to be the proprietor.

"Do you want a boy, Sir?" he asked.

The man he addressed was in fact not the shop proprietor but a wealthy, childless cotton broker named Henry Morton Stanley. The man replied, "As you are wholly unclaimed, without a parent or sponsor, I promise to take you for my son, and in future you are to bear my name."

For two years, the young Stanley wandered with his "father" learning the cotton business. But, immediately upon outbreak of the Civil War, enlisted and was wounded and captured on only the second day of battle. He was shipped to a prisoner of war center but, after contracting dysentery, was discharged.

Within two years he had served as a news correspondent and eventually wound up as a reporter for the New York Herald. In 1868 Stanley was sent by his editor to cover the English invasion of Ethiopia. He was the first to report on Sir Robert Napier's invasion of that country.

It is ironic that the man who was to become perhaps the greatest of African explorers had virtually spent no time in Africa prior to the commencement of his expedition. Further he had absolutely no previous experience as an explorer, and he was going into a country from which only three other Europeans (Burton, Speke and Grant) had ever emerged.

Against these handicaps was a man noted for remarkable strength of character, resolution, promptness of thought and an iron will. Difficulties did not deter him; disasters did not dismay him. With an extraordinary readiness of mind he consistently improvised means to draw himself out of difficulty.

It is no wonder that Stanley's three most famous books - as well as several others - make extraordinary reading. He not only managed to find Dr. Livingstone, but to navigate the Lualaba River, realize that is did not become the Congo, and then to find the Congo River and navigate that river to its mouth, thereby completing the work that had been started by the Portuguese explorers hundreds of years before.
It is no surprise that one of Stanley's biographers nicknamed him "Bula Matari" meaning breaker of rocks.

We are pleased to offer the following selection of books by Henry Stanley—as well as a few about him. Please note, these are one of a kind, please inquire regarding availability before ordering.

NEW POSTAGE RATES: US $15.00 first book, $9.00 each additional book. Foreign AIR INSURED POSTAGE: Canada/ Mexico: $38.00 1st book, $20.00 each addl book. Europe/S. America/Africa $45.00 1st book, $30.00 each addl book. Australia $50.00 1st book, $ 35.00 each additional. Special postage for large format/heavy books: US $18.00; Canada/ Mexico $45.00; Europe/South America/Africa $60.00; Australia $75.00. California residents add 9.75% sales tax.

NOTE: If actual postage is less, that is all you will be charged. The above represents the maximum postage charge.

The following Henry M. Stanley titles are currently available for sale. If you need a title not listed please contact us as we maintain a very good “want” list.

HS1. AN ORIGINAL SET OF 48 GLASS SLIDES to promote publication of Stanley's IN DARKEST nearly pristine condition with original labels.

Glass slides consist of two panes of glass secured by tape on the edges slightly overlapping on the front and back. The glass panes are 3 1/4 x 4 inches. The graphic images on these glass slides duplicate some of those in the book. Along the edge of the slide there is a printed description of that slide.

Click for larger image.

Glass slides are extremely rare for a number of reasons. Distribution was very limited, typically to promote the introduction of something, and then to be destroyed after it was issued. A few, perhaps, were stuffed in drawers. However, the glass slides were not considered collectible until into the 1970s, by which time most of the slides had been lost.

Next because the glass was fragile the condition of most slides was less than perfect and often the descriptive material was defective or lacking. Moreover glass slides were awkward to store and therefore easily chipped, cracked or shattered. Once a slide is damaged, much of its value is lost. With sets of slides condition and completeness is of even greater importance.

Hence the rarity, almost uniqueness of this set. ALL 48 slides are present, and in FINE condition. All 48 captions, with their numbers, are present and also in FINE condition. It is as if this was the only set never used! We have housed the set in a custom made box, with each slide now in its special (modern) paper holder-the kind recommended for archival storage- and a gilt stamped leather label is on the box. Furthermore we have had the storage container divided into five sections so that none of the slides can cramp or become damaged in extraction. For surely the owner of this set will want to look at the slides again and again.

We have pictured one of the slides so that the prospective purchaser can evaluate the immaculate condition. $5,250.00

Click for larger image.

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Two volumes: 528 & 483 pp. Hundreds of illustrations. Pull out folding maps in rear pockets of both volumes. The complete, exciting story of Stanley's Congo expeditions from beginning to end. Very good plus to near fine set in original highly gilt and pictorial cloth bindings, from the library of former New Hampshire Governor, collector, Walter Rutherford Petersen. A consistently popular Stanley title. $1,000.00

Click for larger image.
HS3. Stanley, H. IN DARKEST AFRICA 1890 New York

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Two volumes: 547 & 540 pages. Profuse illustrations. Large pull out folding maps in rear pockets both volumes. "The" classic work on Stanley's explorations and the one in which he met "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" A lovely, very near fine set in original elaborate gilt and pictorial cloth bindings. $850.00

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2¾ inches in diameter. Sixteen ounces of gold. ONE OF A KIND ITEM. One of only three major awards received by Stanley, this for his 1874-1877 Congo crossing. Stanley is one of the few “Americans” to be honored by so many geographical societies. As a note: the English Royal Geographical Society medal is housed in a preeminent South African collection; and the box presented to him by King Leopold of Belgium resides in a private Belgian collection. Thus this is the last medal available for private purchase. Provenance: by descent from Stanley heirs through Sotheby’s 1970s auction. Thence by private purchase. Housed in a custom made, double sided frame which both protects this precious item and allows for viewing on both side. $22,500.00

HS8. A FUN piece of Stanley ephemera ORIGINAL GLASS SLIDE admitting anyone with a “warthog button” to a presentation of the next showing of With Stanley In Africa.

The slide is 2 ¼ inches quare and black over a COLORED background. Taped edges as usual. The glass is in fine condition, no chips or cracks. $300.00

HS9. Henry Stanley Original two page letter (and with excellent content) June 23, 1894 to My Dear Hutton.

Thanking him for his genuine kindness (a response to some article Hutton published about Stanley) saying "we are much better hearted when we get credit from an acrimonious fault finding public. The two pages are on a folded sheet and written on one side only, so it may be opened for framing. $ 2,000.00

HS10. Henry Stanley ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH OF STANLEY and party at Monterey California on March 19, 1891 when on a publicity tour (for his book)

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Image is 9 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches, immaculate, matted and beautifully framed. Size framed is almost 15 by 17 inches. This was a professional photo taken by Taber Photo, San Francisco California. A true piece of Stanley memorabilia and Californiana. $3,000.00
HS11. Henry Stanley CARTE DE VISITE (photographic calling card).

Approx 4 x 6 sinches. Lovely head and upper chest photo of Stanley by Reutlinger with TWO signatures. Signed directly on front beneath image "Stanley" and with a clipped signature pasted on back "Henry M Stanley." This is a much finer example than the card we offered one year ago. $750.00


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