Item #330 Sport Hunter in Africa. John McGowan.

Sport Hunter in Africa

Agoura CA: Trophy Room Books, 2000. First Limited to 1,000 Copies. Hardcover. 226 pp. 105 ill. John McGowan has been dipping his rifle, hunting boots and pen in African gamelands since 1952. He's not a professional but his impressive trophy collection certain looks like he's carted rifles through lots of brush, forest and plain to get his big game animals. He took two 100-lb elephants on one safari. Lots of adventures with the big five and kudu (a 58-incher), as well a plains game. One trip after tigers. John is also an astute judge of animal behavior: he notes that it's considerate of the lion to knock you unconscious when it charges because then you won't feel anything when it chews on you!John has hunted with the pros from the golden era through to today. From Tanzania, to Kenta, Central Africa, Uganda, and Zambia in both olden times and TODAY. These are stories of danger, excitement, rewarding experiences and laughs at some blunders as well as a giving thanks for some fortunate turns of fate. This book is a sure cure for hunter's heart disease. New / New. Item #330
ISBN: 1882458257

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