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General Information

This page represents a departure from our typical listing of big game hunting books. Because so many Trophy Room Books customers enjoy reading Wilbur Smith books, we spent a lot of time trying to find them in collectible condition. This page is an effort to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

Wilbur Smith has authored thirty-two books on Africa. His works have been described as a combination of James Michener’s epic-historical, Ian Fleming’s James Bond and Tom Clancey. He is easy to read, enjoyable to read and informative. We personally became interested in Wilbur Smith over thirty years ago after picking up his paperbacks to read on long plane trips. Then we decided to put together a complete collection of his works in first British editions, and with dust jackets. That’s when we realized how hard they were to obtain.

In the early years of Wilbur Smith’s writing, he was known primarily in the United Kingdom, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. His appeal throughout the US and Canada came later and increased greatly in the last several years as the result of speaking engagements at events such as Dallas Safari and the Safari Club International conventions. He is as engaging a speaker as he is a storyteller. With some of his works being made into feature length movies it is likely his popularity will increase even more.

Wilbur Smith’s books were all originally published in the United Kingdom. Heinemann was his publisher from 1964 to 1989 and issued twenty-one titles. Since 1990, Macmillan has published all of his works, issuing eleven titles. In the US, Smith has had at least six different publishers but seems to have settled on St. Martin’s Press as they have published his last six titles.

There has been a steady price increase in Wilbur Smith books over the past few years as collectors realize that books in nice condition are hard to locate. Several factors contribute to this:

1. The early books published by Heinemann were not as well made as current books and were intended to be read, not collected.

2. Dust jacket protectors were not commonly used in the 1960s or 1970s and therefore these jackets did not survive in collector condition.

3. The physical environment of Australia/New Zealand is not favorable to keeping books in collector condition. Browning of pages is common as is jacket deterioration.

4. The practice of collecting first editions in as fine as possible jackets was, until very recently, primarily an American phenomenon. Couple this with the fact that British first editions were primarily sold in places other than the US and, combined with item #2 above, you have a situation almost guaranteeing limited supply. Remember we are talking here about TRUE FIRST EDITIONS, which means the UK published titles and NOT American issued books.

While in the past there has been significant appreciation of Wilbur Smith titles, it is impossible to predict that the same will happen in the future. However, since interest in his works is increasing, and the early supply remains tight, it is likely these works will at least hold their value, ASSUMING one buys collector condition in the first place and keeps them in that condition.

Routine copies, i.e., good to very good condition, of Smith books are fairly common. It is the nice ones that stand out and, relative to the abundance of average copies, seems at times undervalued. American first editions are also much more easily obtained and consequently, much less sought after. Remember these are not “true first editions.”

The best copy of a book: that’s the way to collect. Always has been and always will be.

For those interested in starting or completing a collection, of British First editions we present the following list of books authored by Wilbur Smith. Prepared in chronological order, the list shows all of the “true first” editions i.e. those first published in England

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List of Wilbur Smith first-edition titles published in England

When the Lion Feeds 1964 Heinemann
Dark of the Sun, The 1965 Heinemann
Sound of Thunder, The 1966 Heinemann
Shout at the Devil 1968 Heinemann
Gold Mine 1970 Heinemann
Diamond Hunters, The 1971 Heinemann
Sunbird, The 1972 Heinemann
Eagle in the Sky 1974 Heinemann
Eye of the Tiger, The 1975 Heinemann
Cry Wolf 1976 Heinemann
A Sparrow Falls 1977 Heinemann
Hungry As the Sea 1978 Heinemann
Wild Justice 1979 Heinemann
A Falcon Flies 1980 Heinemann
Men of Men 1981 Heinemann
Angels Weep, The 1982 Heinemann
Leopard Hunts in Darkness, The 1984 Heinemann
Burning Shore, The 1985 Heinemann
Power of the Sword 1986 Heinemann
Rage 1987 Heinemann
A Time To Die 1989 Heinemann
Golden Fox 1990 Macmillan
Elephant Song 1991 Macmillan
River God 1993 Macmillan
Seventh Scroll 1995 Macmillan
Birds of Prey 1997 Macmillan
Monsoon 1999 Macmillan
Warlock 2001 Macmillan
Blue Horizon 2003 Macmillan
Triumph of the Sun, The 2005 Macmillan
Quest, The 2007 Macmillan
Assegai 2009 Macmillan