Item #5961 Sasha Siemel ORIGINAL PHOTOS. Sasha Siemel, Elliott Service.


New York: Elliott Service, 1936. No Binding. Siemel, Sasha A FABULOUS piece of ephemera. Exceptionally large original news photo featuring Sasha Siemel, the well known jaguar hunter, especially noted for hunting these big cats armed only with a spear. Sasha was also an accomplished boxer. There is also a large photo featuring Siemel and his hunting clients. There are three photos along the top of a live jaguar cub in a tree. The photo of the clients, Mr & Mrs Jennings from Ohio, with their amazing NINE jaguar skins in the background and Siemel off to the side. Their hunt lasted two months and the skins ranged up to NINE feet in length. They were used as banners as a sales come-on at newsstands during the time, obviously to get people to attend his lectures. The original photos were taken by Elliott Service and the entire piece is dated Dec 26, 1936. The lovely wooden frame measures 26.5 inches high by 23 inches wide. Bottom banner is 16.5 x 6 inches. The incredible photo of the hunters and their trophies is 8 inches wide by 6 inches high. And the three inset photos of the jaguar cub are each 9 x 5 inches. They have been individually, and attractively mounted to make a lovely display on board, then matted, and framed. In very fine condition. We have never seen anything like this before. Fine. Item #5961

Price: $3,500.00