Wilbur Smith

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What series are the books from

Wilbur Smith’s works can be divided into four series: The Standalone Novels, the Courtney Novels, the Ballantyne Novels, and the Egypytian Novels. In the latter three series the individual books follow different genrations of the same family group often spanning several centuries. Wilbur recommends reading the different series in the order in whiich they were written therefore we have a chronoligal listing of all the books showing what series they belong to.

Stand alone Novels
The Dark of the Sun
Shout at the Devil
Gold Mine
The Diamond Hunters
The Sunbird
Eagle in the Sky
Cry Wolf
The Eye of the Tiger
Hungry as the Sea
Wild Justice
Elephant Song

Courtney Novels
First Series
When the Lion Feeds
The Sound of Thunder
A Sparrow Falls
The Burning Shore
Power of the Sword

Second Series
A Time to Die
Golden Fox
Birds of Prey
Blue Horizon
The Triumph of the Sun (Both a Courtney and a Ballantyne novel)

Ballantyne Novels
A Falcon Flies
Men of Men
The Angels Weep
The Leopard Hunts in Darkness.
The Triumph of the Sun (Both a Courtney and a Ballantyne novel)

Egyptian Novels
River God
The Seventh Scroll
The Quest

TITLE Year Part of a series
When the Lion Feeds 1964 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Dark of the Sun, The 1965 No
Sound of Thunder, The 1966 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Shout at the Devil 1968 No
Gold Mine 1970 No
Diamond Hunters, The 1971 No
Sunbird, The 1972 No
Eagle in the Sky 1974 No
Eye of the Tiger, The 1975 No
Cry Wolf 1976 No
A Sparrow Falls 1977 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Hungry As the Sea 1978 No
Wild Justice 1979 No
A Falcon Flies 1980 A ‘Ballantyne’ novel
Men of Men 1981 A ‘Ballantyne’ novel
Angels Weep, The 1982 A ‘Ballantyne’ novel
Leopard Hunts in Darkness, The 1984 A ‘Ballantyne’ novel
Burning Shore, The 1985 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Power of the Sword 1986 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Rage 1987 A ‘Courtney’ novel
A Time To Die 1989 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Golden Fox 1990 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Elephant Song 1991 No
River God 1993 An ‘Egyptian’ novel
Seventh Scroll 1995 An ‘Egyptian’ novel
Birds of Prey 1997 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Monsoon 1999 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Warlock 2001 An ‘Egyptian’ novel
Blue Horizon 2003 A ‘Courtney’ novel
Triumph of the Sun, The 2005 Both a ‘Courtney’ and a ‘Ballantyne’ novel
Quest, The 2007 An ‘Egyptian’ novel
Assegai 2009 A ‘Courtney’ novel